Soon to be. Scissors, healing mat, Gibson, lemon freshness love.

I [heart] Bella

Tesla coil at The Griffith Observatory.

deebsinbk said: hi mr lawler, I've a bit of a strange question for you : )
I'm working on a book about artists who've included guns in their work & when googling "christo & wrapped gun" i found this image on your blog, do you know, is it a gun?
please feel free to ask any questions of your own

It is not a gun.  It is a “Cristo”-like wrapped heart I made for valentines day.  The opposite of a gun.

A few vehicles I have come across recently.

Sweet exhibit at LACMA

Human Nature/Life Death/Knows Doesn’t Know, 1983 Sculpture; Powered device, Neon, 107 1/2 x 107 x 5 13/16 in., Modern and Contemporary Art Council Fund, Contemporary Art Department © Museum Associates/LACMA.